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1 Insert the installation disc into CD-ROM driver, The system will autorun the installing WELLON software.

2 If the CD can not autorun, please open the CD and run the file "autorun" installing WELLON software.

3 Connect the WELLON programmer module to the computer's USB port with the provided cable then install the USB driver.If the installing succeed, the lamp "LINK" wil be lighten.

Warn: You must install the WELLON software at first,then connect the programmer to the computer with the cable,otherwise the USB driver will be error!

If it has been wrong please do as follow:

1. Double click"My Computer" and select "Control Panel".

2. Double click on the "System" icon.

3. Select the "Device Manager".
4 . Double click the "USB device".

5. Press the "Reinstall Driver" button.

6.Press "Next" button.

7. Select the USB Floppy Driver in the "Specify a location" and press the "next" button.

8.Select C:\Program Files\weilei\wellon\usbsys.Press ˇ°OKˇ± button and waiting driver install to system.

8. Press "Finish" button.

10. Finish USB Floppy driver install.
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